Artist Statement

Over the last few years, my work has evolved from simply reflecting an appreciation and celebration of particular physical places, to the exploration of emotional and spiritual concepts of place.  I am beginning to think about places, both physical and non-physical, that comfort, balance, direct and connect us.  

All of my work has been influenced by the philosophies of Deep Ecology and Bioregionalism. Very simply explained, Deep Ecology is concerned with a deeper (more spiritual) understanding of our relationship to the world we live in. Bioregionalism encourages us to explore places that hold importance for us and define those places using physical characteristics rather than political boundaries.  The most recent work has also been influenced by my studies with several spiritual teachers.  

Because the work is so much about place, I often use topographical maps (both paper and metal) and objects found in the areas defined by those maps. The paper maps are stained with dyes I make from native plants.  The dyed paper is then coated with four or more layers of acrylic medium as protection from sun and dirt. Found objects are coated with acrylic as well. Occasionally, the objects are covered with pieces of maps, referring to the fact that they are composed of the matter and energy of the place from which they came. 

I have recently begun to introduce the use of graphic image overlays to speak about the human experience of "place" in general and my personal experience in particular. I see this work continuing and evolving into a more in-depth exploration of spiritual and emotional places.  

My formal training is in jewelry/metalsmithing.  However, I enjoy working in a variety of formats including jewelry and installation art, but most of my work is mixed media assemblage. 

I also enjoy working on commissioned pieces for clients that celebrate and commemorate significant places, events, experiences and/or relationships.  I work with individuals and groups to create uniquely personal art by combining relevant maps, imagery, mementos, collections, and sacred objects. 

All of my work, regardless of form, is meant to acknowledge and celebrate our connections to the world around us and the world within us.  I believe that the most important issue of our time is the task of seeing our world and all things in it as an inter-connected whole, of which the human species is but one small part.