Diane is an artist currently working on the Oregon Coast. She enjoys combining many different materials and techniques in mixed media assemblages and jewelry. In her recent mixed media work, she explores emotional and physical aspects of place, using paper and metal maps, drawings and found objects. The paper maps are stained with dyes she makes from vegetation found in each place.

Her jewelry is fabricated mainly from sterling silver and bronze, using soldering and hollow-forming techniques. The metal surfaces are textured using a variety of methods. Diane's most recent jewelry combines photo etched metal topographical maps with found objects.

Much of Diane's work is sold through galleries and art fairs. She makes both limited-edition and one-of-a-kind pieces. She also enjoys working on commissioned pieces for clients that celebrate and commemorate significant places, events, experiences and/or relationships. Diane works with individuals and groups to create uniquely personal art by combining relevant maps, imagery, mementos, collections, and sacred objects

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